Trout Fisting In America #25 – Charlottesvile

Republican senator Mitch Mcconnell among friends

This shit has always existed in America. And it’s existed as the lifeblood of the Republican party since 1964. Man, the ugly shit politicians will align themselves with just so they can get the chance to cut taxes for the goddamn wealthy.

Republican politicians have been enabling & empowering racists/white supremacists for 50 years now. They made a deal with the devil back in 1964 and Donald Trump is just the latest in a long string of grovelling fools, and his voters are just the latest in a long line of suckers. Look, it doesn’t even matter whether Republican voters/pols are actually racist or not—the policies they put into action are racist as fuck and the people who vote for this party are all complicit in violence & hate & injustice. Here’s a quick history lesson from the NYT obituary of Harry Dent, a man known as ‘the architect of the southern strategy.’

“In the 1950s, Mr. Dent joined the staff of Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who was then a Democrat and had run for president as a segregationist Dixiecrat in 1948.

When President Lyndon B. Johnson championed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, some Republican strategists saw a potential bonanza in the South. They thought their party could reap the votes of white people uneasy with Democrats, or downright hostile to them, for advancing the cause of black people.

Mr. Thurmond became a Republican and campaigned for his new party’s presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, in 1964. Goldwater was beaten overwhelmingly by Johnson, but he did carry five states in the Deep South. He had campaigned in part on “states’ rights,” and he had voted against civil rights legislation, facts not lost on vote-counters in either party.

Four years later, Mr. Thurmond helped hold much of the region for Nixon by reassuring Southerners that, as president, he would not be too aggressive on civil rights issues.”

It worked in pockets of the north as well—Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio. Shit, in 1984 Ronald Reagan won every state except Minnesota and Massachusetts. And back in 1980 he declared his candidacy next to the graves of slain civil rights leaders while he talked to his white southern audience about state’s rights, a phrase that was/is a well-known rallying cry for segregationists & white supremacists. Remember George W. Bush? That fucknut declared his 2000 candidacy at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. At the time, BJU was nationally notorious for its band on interracial dating. And when it looked like GWB was going to lose his 2000 SC primary to John McCain, his campaign had people call SC voters to tell them McCain’s adopted black daughter was actually born out of wedlock and McCain was her biological father (not true). Bush came from behind in the polls to earily win South Carolina. McCain, revealing himself as the true political coward who he actually is, kissed Bush’s ass in the hope that he’d be the 2008 nomination. Remind to one day ask him if it was worth it.

This is all common knowledge by the way. The GOP’s lust for power, coupled w/the odiousness of their ideology (destroy social safety nets, take all power from working people) left them w/only one path to victory: prey on people’s worst prejudices & fears in order to get them to vote for you. Go look up Willie Horton and the 1988 campaign. Read about Reagan/Bush campaign strategist Lee Atwater talking in 1981 about how you can’t use the word nigger anymore so you say things like busing, state’s rights, and talk about cutting entitlements in order to play on people’s racist fears and get them to vote for you. 

And that’s just the dog whistle shit. Trying to keep black people from voting has been Republican territory for 50 years and is only getting more intense. Jeb Bush, your ‘reasonable’ ‘level-headed’ 2016 GOP candidate helped purge shitloads of eligible black voters from the rolls in 2000 in order to help his brother win.

Even the Republicans who decry this week’s violence, even the ones who went so far as to denounce white supremacists, work their asses off to keep black people from voting. It’s the only way they can win. And to a Republican in 2016, winning means everything. 

This weekend in Charlottesville, what side do you think the Republican party sympathizes with? Because it damn sure isn’t  the protesters. This year Republican lawmakers in Florida, North Dakota, and Tennessee have introduced legislation this year to make it legal to hit a protester w/your car. It probably goes w/o saying that George Gainer, the FL state senator who thinks you should be allowed to run over protesters, has had nothing to say about the attack on his twitter beyond a vague biblical platitude about love.

Republican politicians and white supremacists are tied together by their feelings of self-pity & impotence, a perversion of Marx’s ‘I am nothing and I should be everything.’ And so they scapegoat, and so they threaten, and so they rage. The people they turn into ‘the other’ are just distorted projections of their worst fears of themselves. The way they see black people/foreigners/etc.—lazy, worthless, and dangerous—describes our current president a lot more than, it does, say, Barack Obama. Because in reality there is nothing more lazy/worthless/dangerous than a privileged white person. They are somehow able to see themselves as both omnipotent & oppressed, just like their fearless/fearful leader Donald Trump, a man who sees himself as the most powerful man in the world and also persecuted by a goddamn cable news channel.

The KKK is like the world’s worst self-help group come to life.

People wonder what Donald Trump believes, what he supports, but Donald Trump has no ideology. He’s an opportunist, a scam artist who would sell his own mother if he need the money. Hell, if he was hard-up enough and the lighting was right, he might even fuck her. When Donald Trump dog-whistles—shit when he just opens his mouth up and speaks—he’s echoing a half century of Republican racism both subtle and not-fucking-subtle-at-all. I mean, Ronald Reagan talked about a ‘young buck’ (buck a US south derogatory term for black man) using his food stamps to buy t-bone steaks and jesus that sounds a lot like something our current president would say, don’t you think?

And for the pro-confederate gathering in Charlottesville this weekend, whatever you want to call these people—alt-right, KKK, white nationalists/supremacists,  neo-nazis, lonely pathetic toxically confused chucklefuck treason-losers—just make sure to call them Republicans. Because while not all Republican voters are violent white supremacists, all violent white supremacists vote Republican.

And without white supremacists—violent or subtle, crude or otherwise—the Republican party wouldn’t exist as a viable national party that wins elections. And without voters motivated by their hate/fear of LGBTQ people, or women’s rights, or gun control, all that’s left of the Republican party is a handful of billionaires and aspiring billionaires and if that’s all you have then Donald Trump’s election numbers look a lot like Jill fucking Stein’s. In 2017, the Republican party is a party fueled by a feedback loop of fear & hate and if someone doesn’t break this pattern real fucking quick the body count is only going to continue to rise.

Trout Fisting In America appears here every Tuesday. We’re going to keep going until we reach #50, or until the Trout begs for mercy. You can check out previous installments HERE.

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Scott Creney lives in Athens, Georgia. He is the author of "Dear Al-Qaeda: Letters to the World’s Most Notorious Terror Organiztion".
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