Covid Metamorphoses #14 – The Plan

Watching a clip from last night’s press conference, I kept waiting for Dr. Birx, and then Dr. Fauci, to tell me what the government was doing to help during this pandemic. They never did. Instead, they talked a lot about what we need to do–shelter in place in order to “flatten the curve.” But they, or more specifically, the administration they work for, didn’t sound they were going to do shit. They weren’t even going to stand six feet apart, even as they told us that the only hope we had to avoid millions of death was social distancing.

I guess only peasants are expected to sacrifice, to do anything to help.

Which means the federal government’s plan is to watch people die, and hope the numbers stay low enough that the scene doesn’t get ugly.

Nobody talked once about testing, about ventilators, about needed medical gear, about health care, about lost income or evictions. They just talked about what we, and only we, needed to do, the implication being that if the numbers go above 250,000 then it’s our fault. Not the president’s fault. Not the president’s problem.

Flattening The Curve isn’t a strategy. Unless you consider “Fuck it, everybody try not to die all at once until we find a cure for this thing” a strategy. A real strategy would involve identifying who had Covid and getting them away from the population and treated as quickly as possible. A real strategy would involve information. But nobody has real information, because there aren’t enough tests. Without tests, we’re just flying blind. You need to locate the virus as quickly as possible. You need to test people who don’t have symptoms.

But don’t ask the president about tests. He might yell at you and call you names. He’ll brag that 1 million Americans have been tested, even if that means 299 million haven’t, even as Ohio is telling people with Covid symptoms to stay home because they don’t have enough swabs to test them. You can read about the whole testing shitshow here and here.

Do as you’re told, and don’t ask any questions.

Because they aren’t going to do shit for you, or me, or anyone. They are going to hope for the best, which ranges from 100,000 to 250,000 people dying. And that’s only if you and I (and Fox News viewers) do our job and stay at home. And yet, if the federal government did its job that number could be significantly lower. People could probably even leave their homes sooner. After all, knowing who has the virus means knowing who has recovered. On March 9th, my wife had dinner with a friend who had just flown in–no test at the airport, not even any questions–from Seoul, South Korea. The next day I started coughing, and I spent a couple of days in bed. A few days later, my wife got it. Our coughs lasted for about two weeks. “I can’t believe I’m still coughing,” we would say, sputtering around the house. Was it Coronavirus? Who knows? The more important question, I guess, is who cares?

Let’s call the best-case US death scenario an even 200,000. That’s nearly four times the number of Americans who died in Vietnam (but only 1/5 the number of Vietnamese who died in that war). They built a wall in Washington DC to memorialize the soldiers who died in that war. Maybe 20 years from now we can engrave the names of the people who died from this virus on Trump’s wall along the border, the wall that is still being built even during this pandemic.

The plan is to let us die, and hope the numbers don’t get too embarrassing for them. That’s not a plan; that’s a death sentence. But then the only thing this government will fight to keep alive–and I include the majority of Democrats in this–is a bank or a corporation. The rest of us don’t deserve anything, not even an explanation.

Here’s a song.

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Scott Creney lives in Athens, Georgia. He is the author of "Dear Al-Qaeda: Letters to the World’s Most Notorious Terror Organiztion".
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