Covid Metamorphoses #32 – Every Day Is Like Monday

Here at Quarantine Elementary School, where the teacher/student ratio is almost always 1:1–unless the student is in one of their moods, or the teacher is checking their e-mail during a lesson–we are rapidly running out of motivation. Some mornings we have to think for a long time before we’re able to answer the question, wait, what are we trying to accomplish here? Even as our kindergarten class can now read 4th-grade level books while only needing help with three or four words, even as they can now do math problems like 8 +5, or 18 +5., even as they make Jackson Pollack-style paintings to put on the walls of our local hospital, even as they build functioning child-sized dump trucks out of a hand cart, some cardboard boxes, and a string, even as they do all of these things, the teaching staff still feels overworked and underappreciated. When we were digging through old toys yesterday, this monkey sounded like I feel.

To be fair, the pay isn’t good. The IRS website for receiving stimulus checks only offered two options for me, the teacher–Single, or Married Filing Jointly. And while I am married, we file separately on account of my monstrous student loan debt, lest my other half become legally entangled in all of that. So not even a stimulus check for me, not that I’d have any idea what to spend it on. After splurging on $80 worth of records last week, and an expensive toy for the valedictorian of this year’s graduating kindergarten class at QES, I’m kind of at a loss for what to spend it on. Even the pizza we shelled out for the other night–our first out of home food purchase since lockdown back around the Ides of March, gave us all stomachaches.

And given the current state of the country, or more specifically, the country’s government and its ruling class (same fucking difference, really), it kind of feels like a good idea to sock away money at the moment. This thing looks to be moving in all kinds of directions, and none of it is good. Here’s a statement from the mayor one town over from me–it’s where Athens people go live when they want to pay less taxes and sit in mayonnaise-colored classrooms.

Image may contain: text

Get a load of this fucking guy. Remember all those times when Americans died? Well now it’s your turn!

Though to be fair, his comparison between opening for business and crashing a plane into the ground in order to kill everyone on board does seem entirely appropriate.

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Scott Creney lives in Athens, Georgia. He is the author of "Dear Al-Qaeda: Letters to the World’s Most Notorious Terror Organiztion".
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