Covid Metamorphoses #33 – Flag Update

So remember our neighbor, across the street and to the right with their insane flag of Trump astride a tank?

Hold on…here it is.

So I never ended up confronting him or his wife. I’ve only seen them a couple of times since the flag went up, and I was going by too fast on my bike for a conversation. Weirdly, they haven’t been spending nearly as much time outdoors as they had before they put their Trump flag up, so I just settled for a smirk and a slow, mocking shake of my head. If you’ve never seen it before, let me assure you it’s devastating. A GIF in waiting if I ever get famous enough to do it for public consumption.

Either way, it must have been effective, because the flag got taken down last week, replaced by this beautiful American flag which I’m sure has no ugly meaning to it whatsoever.

Betsy Ross flag - Wikipedia

Ah shit.

Turns out the “Betsy Ross Flag,” as it’s often called, is  one of those white supremacist things, like frogs and OK-hand gestures–that’s meant to do three things all at once:

1) Be white supremacist as hell.
2) But do it in code, so only those “in the know” recognize it.
3) Provide the person with plausible deniability, so if anyone calls them out on it, they can then accuse the person of being paranoid, the old you’re the REAL racist for seeing something so innocuous as a ____ as being a white supremacist symbol.

But I kind of think that if the KKK flies it at their meetings–and they do, oh yes they do–then it’s a symbol of white supremacy. And I think if someone brings it to your attention, then your reaction shouldn’t be fuck you for thinking that about me, it should be fuck, I don’t want people to think that about me.

So while the Betsy Ross Flag is less nauseating to look on a daily basis than the Trump Warrior Cartoon Puke Flag, it’s even uglier in some ways. Because while you can chalk the Trump flag up to misinformation, or maybe Boomer confusion, the Betsy Ross Flag represents an ethos, a coherent statement of our neighbors’ (or neighbor’s–there’s three people in the house and I haven’t taken a poll) worldview. But if that conversation ever happens, and I’m reluctant to, like, approach them and knock on their door (where the rifles are hers and here and his, paramilitary company too), I’ll be asking if all about their new flag, and seeing if they’re aware it’s displayed at Klan rallies.

About ScottCreney

Scott Creney lives in Athens, Georgia. He is the author of "Dear Al-Qaeda: Letters to the World’s Most Notorious Terror Organiztion".
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