Covid Metamorphoses #36 – Failure

A totally normal country…

Just a bunch of dudes with guns forcing their way into the Michigan statehouse yesterday in something called the “American Patriot Rally.” Not to get all Jefferson Foxwothy here, but when your state senators are putting on bulletproof vest before they do some governing, you might live in a failed state.

Just the governor of Maryland sending the National Guard and state police to the airport in order to make sure the federal government couldn’t seize the Coronavirus test kits he had shipped from South Korea because there aren’t any available here in the good old USA, and because the federal government has been forcing states to find their own tests, their own equipment, etc., and then grabbing it once it comes in. And all this while the president says things like he’s only going to give it to states that are nice to him.

2 1/2 years ago I wrapped up my cult-crit headbang into the US psyche, Trout Fisting in America, with a post called “The Death of America.” After picking up all the rocks I could find and looking at the squirmy things underneath, it was pretty hard to be optimistic about anything. This is the conclusion I came away with at the end of 2017.

The future is despair. Our inheritance is death. Soon this country will be a third-world backwater that starves its citizens and electrocutes its dissidents. Or should I say, it will become more so than it already is. . . . For most of us our fate is endless alleys & dust and a slow death from a curable disease. The future is blood, unfathomable amounts needlessly spilled. The country, as we have known it, as we once imagined it, is dead.

Seriously, can I please be a pundit now? Instead of transcribing dictated notes from financial analysts and insurance agents for $11 an hour in my home?

George Packer wrote a good piece in The Atlantic detailing how the Coronavirus has only exacerbated the whole failure of America as a country. Though he ends on a more optimistic, maybe we’ll all learn from this, note than I’m capable of reaching. And it’s possible his editor forced him into it. Chomsky has been saying it for years, and what’s happening now isn’t doing much to change his opinion.

Me, I barely see this as a country right now, more like a loosely organized group of oligarchs drinking themselves fat from a trough filled with wage-slave blood.

But when you have people picking up guns, elections being cancelled (by both political parties), states competing against the federal government for resources, regions of states forming alliances, and the continued creep towards fascism, it’s hard to imagine a better America in 2025, or 2030. Some days, it’s hard to imagine there will actually still be a United States of America at all, or what the point is of even having one.

We know that for many years there’s been no country here
Nothing here but the war…

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Scott Creney lives in Athens, Georgia. He is the author of "Dear Al-Qaeda: Letters to the World’s Most Notorious Terror Organiztion".
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