Bookography arranged by year completed. Click on a link to learn more/purchase.

2002 – Nation Full of Caesars (Poems)
2003 – A Season in El Cajon
2003 – Scalpers: The Movie (co-written with Alex Gang)
2004 – Just Call Me Snickers by Sara “Snickers” Hannon
2005 – Dear Al-Qaeda: Letters to the World’s Most Notorious Terror Organization
2006 – The Great ATEP Espionage Thriller
2008 – The Iraqnid
2010 – The Tenuous Connection Between Yoga & Shoplifting (Poems)
2012 – The Insurrectionists
2013 – Right in Front (unpublished)
2014 – Rogues (TV Show – first season)
2015 – A Carolina Rebel in Larry Bird’s Court (draft)
2016 – 101 Albums To Die Before You Hear (anthology–contributed five entries)
2017 – Trout Fisting in America
2019 – The Story of the B-52s: Neon Side of Town. Due out February 2022 on Palgrave Macmilan.
2020 – Self-Indulget Compact Disc Excavation During a Quarantine Year

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