I used to write a monthly Album Roundup column over at alt-lit place The Fanzine. I wrote at Collapse Board, a site edited by Everett True for three years. It was a critical headbang to end all critical headbangs and you can sift through the detritus here. They redesigned CB a couple of years back and so most articles are missing the cool pictures, and any multi-page article (gotta get those pageviews!) is now unreadable unless you add a slash and the page number onto the end of the web address in the navigation bar. Turns out the internet isn’t as forever as we thought it was.

I’ve written about movies. This one argues that Something Wild is cooler than Blue Velvet.

And I’ve written about books. This one argues that Farrah Abraham has more to say about contemporary life than Joshua Clover or Ben Lerner.

I’ve even written about spending 24 hours in a convenience store. And spending an hour in a Hooters that felt like 24 hours.

My writing’s also appeared in Clash Music and Ablaze! and some places I’m forgetting right now b/c I’m tired.


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