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101 Albums You Should Die Before You Hear

The winter of 1992 was about to turn into the winter of 1993 and through a series of bad decisions on my part I found myself living at my grandmother’s house in a small South Georgia town (pop. 600) and … Continue reading

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Right In Front Promo Video

Made this a couple of months back as a promotional tool to help secure an agent for the completed manuscript of Right In Front. While its success in the commercial arena remains to be seen, it’s pretty fine art-wise. Filmed … Continue reading

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The Rejected Key Lime Pie 33 1/3 Opening Chapter

‘Every band starts out as a utopia and ends as a nightmare—a prison of silence and hurt feelings, grudges that stretch so far back you can barely remember what created them in the first place. In a band’s last entropic moments, there’s only one thing left you’re able to agree on. Nobody wants to do this anymore, and everyone wants to go home.’ Continue reading

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Book Review – How Literature Saved My Life by David Shields

It’s been six weeks and I haven’t heard back from N+1 yet, so I’m just going to go ahead and publish this here. Feel like if I wait any longer DS’s book is going to be old news anyway. Enjoy. … Continue reading

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Book Review – The City is Ablaze!

When you write about music, you take your payment where you can get it. Getting this book in the mail was better than money. Continue reading

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Interview with Pere Ubu’s David Thomas

David Thomas is kind of an asshole–everyone I’ve talked to agrees. ((All I had to do was mention him on Facebook and the post was filled with horror stories)) I don’t think it bothers him too much. It’s part of … Continue reading

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The Iraqnid is now available

A big part of this website is trying to make my books available that haven’t yet been published. So I’m going through and formatting them into e-books and getting them up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble ((The Apple Store … Continue reading

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This Website Exists

I wanted a place where people could find links to all my writing–books, articles, suicide notes, etc. So here it is. Hoping to have all the currently unpublished books available as e-books within the month. For now go check out … Continue reading

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