The Iraqnid

The Iraqnid

I finished this back in 2008.

The Iraqnid is an epic poem about a Marine named Spider that isn’t actually an epic poem. It features 8 storylines channel-surfed together into one idea–what it felt like to live in this country during the Iraq war. Too funny to be avant-garde, too realistic to dismiss, the book flows like the most compelling dream you’ve ever experienced, occasionally surfacing into moments of heart-stopping clarity.

And there are over two dozen sentences of power and beauty.

Available as an e-book for only $2.99.

Kindle users can buy it here.
Nook users can buy it here.

The cover art is by my friends Christopher Nelms and Jason Matherly. [1] They have a website here where they take the world apart and put it back together again that is well worth your time.

And here’s a soundtrack:

1 I’m pretty sure this one was done by Chris, but they collaborate to such an extent that it’s sometimes hard to tell who is responsible for what.[a.]

a.And sure, yeah, I could ask them to tell me who did what. But it’s more fun to imagine them engaged in this deep symbiosis.

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